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the free vocal synthesis system from scratch

Welcome to the world of Rocaloid!

  Rocaloid is a free, open-source singing voice synthesis system. Its ultimate goal is to fast synthesize natural, flexible and multi-lingual vocal parts.

  Like other vocal synthesizing software, after installing the vocal database, inputting lyrics and pitch, you can synthesize attractive vocal parts. What’s more, Rocaloid highlights on providing you more controllable parameters which enabling to take control of exquisite dimensions of the synthesized voice and export with better quality. By using a fully constructed Rocaloid Database, you can synthesize singing voice in any phonetic-based languages.

  Rocaloid project started 3 years ago, being encountered numerous technical difficulties, we still haven’t accomplished a formal and productive release, yet, we have gotten some phased achievements. In fact, the whole project had been entirely rewritten twice; currently the third rewrite is in progress. We believe after every time’s rewritten, improvements are made based on the existed version. Eventually someday in the future not far, we are able to realize the dream of Rocaloid.

  Free as in freedom means anyone has the freedom to run the program, to redistribute copies, and to distribute copies of modified versions. You can download copies of executable of Rocaloid for no charge, as well as get a copy of source code, and redistribute modified versions according to the conditions of the license.